The first photo of the new Mercedes SL 2014

In the Internet appeared the first images of the coupe-convertible 2014 Mercedes-Benz SL new generation. The source of the data has become the lost booklet, prepared for the premiere of the car. A day later, the company has shown official photos of future trends.
As expected, most of the elements of the exterior of the new SL is made in the style supercar Mercedes-AMG GT. This feed is reminiscent of the latest generation four-door coupe CLS, and in general appearance echoes cabrio SL coupe-2011.
No technical information leaflet does not contain. So far, only we know that the body of a new-generation SL is completely made of aluminum, and the only element that is made of steel, steel windshield frame. All this has reduced the weight of car, compared to its predecessor, about 140 kg, and body rigidity has increased by 20%.
No information is available regarding the powertrain, likely will include a range of units V6 and V8. Later expected and “charged” AMG-version. official debut of the new Mercedes-Benz SL will be held in the framework of the January Detroit Auto Show 2012.


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