Photo Hemera SUV from Eterniti Motors

In the ranks of the global automotive industry has a new player in the UK called Eterniti Motors. The founding fathers of the company, among others, have become notorious in automotive circles Alistair McQueen, who previously worked at Jaguar, and former Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert.
Eterniti Motors expects to get its first customers using luxury SUV Hemera, which will be launched in the framework of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. At the moment, the manufacturer introduced a couple of teasers promising model.
Shop Eterniti Hemera provide rear passengers comfort and space comparable to a limousine. Trump card in the struggle for the buyer will also be finishing materials of the highest quality entertainment system, refrigerator and outstanding technical and dynamic characteristics.
The Eterniti Motors plans to build all its cars on the platforms of its own design. All except the first. For the production of the SUV Hemera British buy-side platforms and powertrains that are “brought to mind” and “weight wrong” panels made ​​of carbon fiber. According to the company, the components used are among the best in.
Promote the new model will team with extensive experience in the manufacture of automotive components and sports in the sale of European sports cars in Europe and beyond. Start of production is planned for 2012, the estimated cost Eterniti Hemera is 150,000 pounds.


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