Peugeot HX1 Concept opened the doors in Frankfurt 2011

The French Peugeot company has presented from the Frankfurt concept car HX1, is a mixture of a large hatchback and a minivan, the length of which is five meters and the width – nearly two meters.
The company carefully approached the issue of aerodynamics news, equipping HX1 Concept is not only a retractable spoiler and witty wheels, the spokes of which are put forward in the course of special blades are available to reduce air resistance.
The interior of the Peugeot HX1 Concept reigns quality finishing of natural materials – leather, wood and metal. Initially, the cabin provides space for only four people, but if a large company has, from the front seat two seats nominated to form an additional row.
The movement concept is already known hybrid Hybrid4, repeatedly used by the French and other concepts. It includes a 2.2-liter diesel 200 hp and 95-hp electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. Fuel consumption Peugeot HX1 Concept in hybrid mode is 3.2 liters and the electric he is able to overcome the 30 kilometers.

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