Peugeot froze the development of sports models

The Peugeot company has frozen the development of extreme hot-hatches or sports models, making a choice in favor of mass machines that will increase sales volumes and help the brand’s expansion into markets outside the Old World.

While other companies compete in whichever hot-hatchet is the fastest on the Nurbung’s North loop, Peugeot is working on a plan to conquer the global automotive market. The head of the French company Jean-Philippe Imparato actually recognized that all projects of sports cars with a lion on the radiator grill are frozen.

“Our first priority is to increase sales to more than two million cars per year and expand beyond Europe,” Imparato said in an interview with British Autocar. “Until we reach this goal, I’m much more interested in models that are sold hundreds of thousands a year than in niche cars.”

In the immediate plans of Peugeot to bring to the market a large sedan, which tests are already underway, as well as a pickup truck. According to Imparato, the availability of a monochrome pickup in the range will open many new markets for the brand. However, neither the PSA Peugeot Citroen nor the recently acquired Opel has ever been in the range of frame pick-ups. Because now in Peugeot decide – to do this model yourself or find a partner for its joint development and production.

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