Perfect coupe BMW 6-Series first generation E24

Comfortable Coupe BMW 6-Series (E24) was first presented to the public in March 1976 at the Geneva Motor Show. Serial production model began immediately after the event. Cars BMW 6 Series first generation E24 body was completed several types of gasoline engines, and transmissions from a choice of two 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. The latter received an option to edit mode, which at that time was a miracle the automotive industry.
Total for the BMW 6-Series (E24) was offered five versions: 628CSi, 630CS, 633CSi, 635CSi and M635CSi. Because signs are not hard to guess what size engines they are completed. For example, version 2.8 is equipped 628CSi-liter engine with 184 hp In turn, 630CS has been 3.0-liter unit, which develops 185 forces. The most powerful version is the M635 CSi, which as a propulsion system used on the M88 engine supercar BMW M1. Power 3.5-liter engine makes 286 hp BMW M 635 CSi is the fastest model of the family – to the first hundred is a coupe accelerates in 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 255 km/h.
Over the years, the production of “Six” BMW first generation have undergone many changes, both in terms of design and engineering. For example, at the beginning of ABS was offered only as an option, but later it was included in the basic equipment. Among other changes worth noting improved kitting some modifications. So, in September 1983, in the basic version 635CSI appeared tripcomputer, sunroof and leather interior. The first generation of the BMW 6 Series E24 produced in the body for 13 years. During this time, the conveyor descended 86,219 family cars. The greatest demand used the model in the US, so almost half of the cars produced was realized precisely on the North American market.
Due to the nature of local legislation, cars were delivered in the United States, with some modifications. Firstly, the engines of almost all versions were derated. Secondly, E24 coupe equipped with a bulky front and rear bumpers, which are not the best way to fit the original design model. Speaking of design. Exterior design of the BMW 6-Series E24 engaged Sex Marriage, who at that time served as chief designer of the Bavarian company. Before marriage and his team were tasked to create “timeless car”, with which the designer managed to 100%. Even today, after so many years, the coupe BMW 6 E24 looks quite a relevant and fresh.





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