Under the panels of the old Volvo BMW M3

Photographed in the photos, the Volvo 162 is in Finland, but in fact, it’s not really Volvo, but a completely redesigned BMW M3 (E36). Usually, such transformations do not end with anything good, but this instance is an exception to the rules. The work was done so well that at first glance the Bavarian sedan is really perceived just like the Volvo 162. You can only detect the deception by properly looking at the proportions of the car. To finally dispel the illusion, it’s enough just to open the doors of the compartment, and we’ll see a normal BMW M3 (E36) interior with its bucket-like leather seats and a brand-new dashboard. On the rapids here flaunts the logo “M3”, but the three-spoke steering wheel is still trying to confuse passengers with the inscription “Volvo”. It is known that the conversion of the BMW M3 under the Volvo 162 required a lot of time, but the cost of improvements is not disclosed. Also it is not known to whom this car belongs and why all this was started.

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