The fact that Panasonic is developing its own system of autonomous driving became known a year and a half ago. Last year, the Japanese even showed the first prototypes of cars that are tested on public roads. At the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas, the Japanese brought an “exhibition” prototype.

Officially, the car will be shown only tomorrow, now the public had a photograph taken during the installation of the company’s stand at the exhibition. Apparently this will be a pretty futuristic electric shuttle. True, it seems that he does not even open the door, although the company showed its achievements in the field of interior design for drones at CES last year.

In Japan, Panasonic is testing the system on a ridiculous prototype, which performs the role of aggregating. Tests should confirm the technical capabilities of the self-managed concept and the prospects for its commercial exploitation.

During the tests, Panasonic engineers intend to find out a number of technical issues: the positioning of the car and the efficiency of the cameras that fix its surroundings, under different conditions and situations (for example, in close proximity to trees, houses, bridges, etc.); the behavior of the autopilot in the event of obstacles is how it will avoid collisions, braking, preventing the impact on pedestrians and animals that can suddenly jump out onto the road; The effectiveness of a vehicle management system using cloud servers.