Outrageous Rolls-Royce Dawn with a body kit from the Wald studio

Rolls-Royce Dawn Cabriolet, owned by the Japanese Manabu Gota (Manabu Gota), is one of the most striking examples of the model, as after the purchase of the car owner seriously modernized the car, making it look even more remarkable. Snow White Rolls-Royce Don received a body kit from the Wald studio. The composition of the body kit included other bumpers, side skirts, rear diffuser and other branches of the exhaust system. The suspension of the cabriolet was understated, and the wheels were fitted with huge 24-inch Forgiato Troppo-ECL wheels. The design of the latter resembles the turbine blades, and their inner side, as well as brake calipers are painted in a flashy red color. How much all these visual improvements cost is unknown, but the Japanese Manabu Goth is a rich man, and in his garage in addition to RR Dawn there is also no less extravagant pink Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.

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