The organizers decided to cancel the Bahrain Grand Prix

Transferred October 30, the Bahrain Grand Prix canceled, and this decision took the organizers of the race, as reported in a special press release issued on Thursday night. The organizers thanked the FIA, FOM, Federation of Bahrain and Formula 1 teams for their support and expressed hope for the return of stages in the 2012 season. Thus, the calendar should be back to its original version. The first ever Grand Prix of India will take place on 30 October as planned, and the season ends on November 27 in Brazil. Recall that in Bahrain this year was to open the season, but due to the civil unrest in the country, the race had to be canceled. For a long time it was a question of a possible return phase to the calendar of the current season, and held in Barcelona, ​​June 3 meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, it was decided to hold the Bahrain Grand Prix on October 30 by moving the race in Indy at 12 December. This angered the teams, as this version greatly complicates the process of logistics plan for the year ahead, and even stronger increases the load on the staff, for recreation which was too little time. The organizers of the Grand Prix of Bahrain have taken into account this fact and accepted, though difficult for themselves, but still the right decision.


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