At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 Opel presented a concept car Monza, refers us to the serialized in the eighties dvuhdverke of the same name. However, we now face more car with a body shooting brake, rather than the coupe.
Concept Opel Monza received a low squat body, whose length is 4690 mm, and height – only 1 310. Access to the four-door saloon provide large type “gull wing”, but still there is provided a large luggage compartment volume of 500 liters.
Opel Monza Concept Design is made in a style that describes as “the ocean waves lapping on the shore.” It is possible that future production models of the brand will have some elements tested at Monza.
Inside the car was placed fully electronic front panel is equipped with eighteen light-emitting diode displays, which can be displayed on a variety of information. Control systems can be carried out with the buttons on the steering wheel or by voice commands.
The movement led Opel Monza Concept electric motors, which produce energy for the new three-cylinder 1.0-liter turbo engine family SIDI, adapted to run on methane. In the normal version, it develops 115 hp and 166 Nm of torque available in the range of from 1 800 to 4700 Nm. This engine in 2014 will be installed in the compact hatchback Opel Adam.

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