Opel Astra K Sports Tourer – basedĀ Opel Astra hatchback 5 generations in a new body with the index K. And although the latter presented in early summer 2015, the world premiere of both versions was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.
Front Opel Astra wagon K (2017) repeats the original hatch and rear overhang of the car was increased, and the original design of the stern with other lamps, bumper, and the cover glass of the fifth door.
As expected, in the profile of Opel Astra Sports Tourer in a new body, compared to the predecessor,released a sportier appearance thanks to the stylish design of the rear side windows, edged chrome strip, the setting on the rack.
Shop wagon Opel Astra Sports Tourer (2017) copies itself to the Astra K hatchback with a completely new front panel, which is crowned by a large display IntelliLink multimedia system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the buttons on the center console, as compared to the previous generation machine , it was noticeably smaller.

Specifications. The basis of the car lay modular platform D2XX, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the weight of the wagon up to 200 kg, depending on the modification.
Overall length of the new Opel Astra K Sport Tourer is 4702 mm, width – 1871, height – 1 499, the amount of luggage when folded backrest back sofa (already in the database, they are added in the proportion of 40:20:40) increased by 80 liters – up 1 630 liters.
The boot lid is equipped with electric drive and function of non-contact opening and closing (it is only necessary to conduct foot under the bumper in the presence of a key with the car), and is offered for a fee set nets, partitions and fixtures FlexOrganizer.
The manufacturer also notes that in the interior Opel Astra wagon 2016 was more space above the heads of passengers (by 26 millimeters in front and 28 – in the back), and the reduction of weight and modern turbo allowed to make the model more economical.
As powertrains are offered the same engines that are available for the hatchback – a petrol and diesel turbocharged engine capacity ranging from 1.0 to 1.6 liters with power ranging from 95 to 200 hp Plus is a completely new six-speed manual, which is 37 pounds lighter than the previous mechanics.

Packaging and prices. Sales of the new Opel Astra K Sports Tourer start in Germany, 10 October 2016, but prices have not been announced.

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