The Opel Astra H (Family) sedan, prices and equipment

Opel Astra H Sedan made his debut in 2007 – three years later five-door hatchback, first introduced at the motor show in Frankfurt, 2004. The debut of the third generation Astra sedan came just at the time of the restyling of the model, in which the updated bumpers and taillights.

Configuration and price Opel Astra H Family Sedan.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.6 Essentia MT5 $21,100 1.6 petrol (115 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 Enjoy MT5 $22,400 1.6 petrol (115 hp) Manual (5) front
1.8 Enjoy MT5 $23,200 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 Cosmo MT5 $23,400 1.6 petrol (115 hp) Manual (5) front
1.8 Enjoy AT4 $23,700 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Automatic (4) front
1.8 Cosmo MT5 $23,990 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Manual (5) front
1.8 Cosmo AT4 $24,400 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Automatic (4) front

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Front sedan copies the five-door hatchback, but the rear part has been designed from the ground up. The car has received a completely new lights and the boot lid, decorated at the bottom of the chrome strip. The basis of the Opel Astra Family Sedan fell from the platform Astra H Caravan – they shared a wheelbase equal to 2703 mm, 89 mm more than the Astra TwinTop hatchback and convertible. And due to a longer rear overhang, the total length of the sedan (4587 mm) by 72 mm than the length of wagon.
The boot capacity is 490 liters four-door, and rear passengers will appreciate the ample room for legs, given that we are talking about cars of a C class. Design of interior Opel Astra Family sedan copies the design of the hatchback and station wagon. The interior of the latter, in turn, in the style of the older model Vectra C. Decoration materials, however, a bit cheaper, but look soundly, and all the elements fit efficiently, without unnecessary gaps and distortions. Front seats quite comfortable, with good lateral support and a wide range of adjustments. Both aggregated paired with a 5-speed manual, but the alternative is a 5-band “robot” (for 1.6) and 4-band automatic (for 1.8). In car dealerships it is available in three basic configuration: Essentia, Enjoy and Cosmo. In general, the sedan comes to $300 more expensive Astra Family hatchback 5D, but $300 accessible wagon in similar versions. Basic price Opel Astra H sedan $21,100, but for a top-end four-door with 140-horsepower engine and automatic configuration in Cosmo asked to have $24,400. And that’s not counting the numerous options, for which you need to pay extra separately.

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