The Opel Astra H Family hatchback, prices and equipment

The third-generation Opel Astra H hatchback made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003, while the Russian car dealers appeared in 2004.
The design of the Opel Astra H hatchback in the style Vectra C models with strict lines of the body, large head optics and proprietary grille with wide chrome strip in the upper part of it.

Configuration and price Opel Astra H Family hatchback.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.6 Essentia MT5 $20,900 1.6 petrol (115 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 Enjoy MT5 $21,600 1.6 petrol (115 hp) Manual (5) front
1.8 Enjoy MT5 $22,600 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 Cosmo MT5 $22,900 1.6 petrol (115 hp) Manual (5) front
1.8 Enjoy AT4 $23,200 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Automatic (4) front
1.8 Cosmo MT5 $23,900 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Manual (5) front
1.8 Cosmo AT4 $24,200 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Automatic (4) front

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In general, the similarity Astra H with a larger model Vectra added solidity and rigor, and a sloping roofline and rear rack with the opposite slope have characteristics of dynamism and sportiness. It has been successfully used to create three-doors automaker Opel Astra GTC and the Opel Astra OPC. Saloon car and drove under the overall style of the lineup. This is evident both in design and location of controls, which do not have to get used to when transplanting Opel Astra H and the other cars of the same year.
Compared with the previous version of Astra J, hatchback third generation turned to 132 mm length – its overall length is 4331 mm, but the wheelbase remains the same – 2614 mm. Cargo capacity five-door Opel Astra Family is 375 liters, but is increased to 1295 liters with the rear seat folded down. Ground clearance (clearance) hatchback equal to 160 mm. The base engine for the car is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which, after restyling Astra 2007 began to develop 115 hp 105 against the force earlier. Paired with it is mounted 5-speed manual or 5-band “robot” Easytronic. For Opel Astra H hatchback at the initial configuration Essentia with a 1.6-liter engine and mechanics, dealers are asked to $20,900. Plug the price of the intermediate version five-door Enjoy ranging from $21,600 to $23,200, and the price of Opel Astra Family Cosmo in top configuration with a 1.8-liter engine and automatic reach $24,200. Thus for the leather interior, sunroof, adaptive headlights, navigation system, metallic color, and more need to pay extra separately.

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