The second model of American company Rezvani Motors was a frame SUV called Tank, adapted for driving on the most severe off-road. The Tank fully justifies its name. The car looks brutal, heavy and a little angular. On the roof there is a LED “chandelier”, and on the wheels there are toothy tires. Distinctive features of the interior of the model are ergonomic leather chairs and a projection display. At the moment, we know that the Rezvani Tank is driving a 6.4-liter engine with a capacity of 500 hp, which was prepared by employees of the Chrysler SRT. To facilitate the conquest of extreme impassability is called the reinforced suspension and the all-wheel drive system. It is curious that for an additional payment for the new Rezvani Tank one can order an armored body, a protected fuel tank, an infrared night vision system and bullet-proof glasses capable of withstanding hits from an assault rifle. The price of such an off-road vehicle starts at 178,000 dollars.