The Novitec Torado built 970-hp Aventador SV Roadster

Division Novitec Torado, working on finalizing the Lamborghini brand vehicles, has presented 970-strong the Aventador the SV the Roadster. To distinguish this Lamborghini Aventador SV from the normal version can be by the presence of a special body kit, elements of which are made of carbon fiber, while the RV modification of front and rear wheels adorn Vossen diameter of 20 and 21 “front and rear respectively. Recall that in the movement Roadster Aventador SV leads the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 750 hp, but Novitec Torado experts found on the engine mechanical supercharger, which will increase the capacity of the unit to the “horses” 970 mentioned above. Unfortunately, the company does not disclose dynamic characteristics of such a modification, however, it is definitely faster initial model which transfer any first hundred after 2.8 seconds from the start of developing speed up to 350 km / h. There is no information on the cost of the improvements, but tuners are planning to build a few of these machines.


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