Novitec Rosso Race 606 based on the Ferrari California

Tuners from Novitec Rosso studio returned to the Ferrari California is the third time. The current package of improvements for the coupe-cabriolet called Race 606, however, it is different from the previous one is quite insignificant. In March last year, the tuners have presented 600-strong California, the current version is almost completely repeats it. Race 606 differ only front spoiler, a new diffuser, painted black cover and the center of the hood. Also, the exterior of California acquired additional inserts of carbon fiber, which can be seen in the rear-view mirrors, rear lights on top and around the grille. Powertrain Race 606 was equipped with a supercharger, intercooler, new intake manifold, modified ECU and a new high-performance exhaust system. Thanks to all this, a 4.3-liter V8 produces 606 hp and 603 Nm of torque at peak. Acceleration from zero to hundreds narrowed to 3.8 seconds and a top speed outgrowth to 325 km/h. Race 606 by Novitec Rosso is to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 in March.

novitec-rosso-race-606_03-650x433 novitec-rosso-race-606_02-650x433 novitec-rosso-race-606_01-650x433

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