Nissan Terrano received upgraded engines, prices and equipment

In the fall of 2015 he was presented the updated of Renault Duster, and in March 2016 received some fine-tuning and Nissan Terrano. But if Duster during restyling slightly changed appearance, the redesigned exterior Terrano remained completely unchanged. Inside, Nissan Terrano (2017) met the new instrument panel, center console revamped, other chairs, and equipment includes crossover lamp lighting in the rear, additional socket and two-piece shelf in the trunk instead of curtains. In addition, the fuel tank flap is now opened from the button. As part of the new engine Nissan Terrano 2016 received the same changes as the Duster. The base now has become a 1.6-liter engine with 114 hp, which replaces the 102-strong unit of similar size. As before, it is placed on the machine front and all-wheel drive, while the gearbox is in the first case, 5-speed, second – six-speed, but both mechanical. The two-liter engine after use in its design variable valve timing system produces 143 hp against 135 earlier, but the main thing – now appeared in the line version with all-wheel drive and automatic quad, which previously sorely missed. Prices for the car noticeably grown significantly – the plug is now from $21,400 to $28,100.

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