Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), prices and equipment

Nissan Skyline – the mid-size sports car with more than 50-year history of production. It was originally produced by Prince Motor Company, which was bought by Nissan in 1966. Nissan Skyline GT-R in the back R34 – it is representative of the tenth generation of the legendary sports car. Its premiere took place in September 1998. About Outlook. Engineers and designers of the Japanese manufacturer seriously upgraded machine. The new body has become more compact and sporty, compared to R33. In particular, the new machine is slightly decreased in length. Exterior Nissan R34 became more aggressive and youth. The version with a label GT-R was produced only in coupe, while a normal Nissan Skyline R34 is a sedan. Externally they greatly differ among themselves, except in firm round taillights. Nissan GTR 34 Coupe has a much more aggressive appearance with the other bumpers, grille and other optics, extended wings and the presence of a spoiler on the trunk lid of impressive dimensions. The main technical changes Especially for the modified Nissan GT-R R34 Japanese developed a manual with six stages GETRAG, while engines are upgraded turbochargers. The chassis was stiffer, and the aerodynamic properties of the body have improved markedly. What a car? Four-wheel drive Nissan GT-R R34 is equipped with a 280-horsepower engine capacity of 2.6 liters (392 Nm), which agregatruetsya mated to a 6-speed manual. From zero to hundreds Coupe accelerates in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h. In other markets (Europe and Japan) offers a selection of models from a few modifications. The standard version of the GT-R to install 5.8-inch LCD-display, which displays a variety of indicators, including the turbocharged pressure, coolant temperature and oil. In the performance of GTR V-Spec on the screen you can see a graph of the transverse/longitudinal acceleration and lap times. Unlike the regular version, V-Spec has underestimated stiffer suspension. The exterior stands out the presence of carbon diffuser and a modified hood with a special compartment for added engine cooling. Nissan GTR M-Spec R34 has a soft and comfortable suspension, plus a leather interior. The standard GT-R differed asceticism with simple seat upholstery in black and harsh plastic used in the decoration.

The most powerful production GT-R R34.

In 2002, Nissan introduced the GT-R R34 in a special version Nur4. Its main feature was the upgraded engine, with which the maximum speed increased to 300 km/h. On average, it is worth to focus on the price of $32,000, and tuning options Skyline will cost even more. In place of the car in the back came R35 Nissan R35 GTR, which lost in the title prefix Skyline, as well as the sedan version. Name of Skyline is now on the domestic market in Japan is called the Infiniti Series G.

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