Nissan Serena got a system of ProPILOT autonomous control

Nissan Serena Minivan became the first Japanese car received autonomous control system. Experts of the company equipped with an autopilot ProPILOT model of the first generation, which is capable of detecting machine and recognize road markings with the camera.
Cruise on the Nissan Serena is capable of operating at speeds from 30 to 100 km/h, and the computer will completely control the acceleration, braking and steering, focusing on a moving vehicle ahead.
If the latter will start to slow down, the autopilot minivan will also begin the process of braking down to a standstill. To continue movement in stand-alone mode the driver will need to press the gas pedal or activation button autopilot.
The Nissan plans to equip the ProPILOT system and other brand models. So, in 2017 this function will receive the European version of Qashqai crossover.
In 2018 the Japanese release of its second-generation autopilot that will allow vehicles to change lanes in standalone mode, and by 2020 the system will teach yourself to drive in the city.


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