Nissan has released the first images of the compact coupe concept ESFLOW, which will be presented in early March at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. Physical concept reminiscent of a small copy of a compartment 370Z, in the elements of design which used operating time of crossover Nissan Beetle. Soobshaet that the concept is fully electric. In the motion it will result in two electric motors, one for each of the wheels of the rear axle, powered by lithium-ion batteries. For more detailed information on a technical stuffing Nissan ESFLOW is not reported, we only know that from zero to hundreds of compartments will be able to be dispersed for five seconds and power reserve of a fully charged battery will be 240 kilometers.

nissan-esflow-concept_02-650x487 nissan-esflow-concept_03-650x459 nissan-esflow-concept_01-650x459