Nissan Pivo 3 Concept will become a serial in 2016

Nissan, perhaps, one of the major automotive companies related with particular enthusiasm for electric vehicles. The new concept of Japanese companies, which they have shown within the motor show in Tokyo, became the kid PIVO 3, which is the ideological continuation PIVO PIVO 2005 and February 2007-th. As representatives of Nissan, the company is fully prepared for, to start production of its concept, as the technology is already ready for operation. The only thing that prevents the top conveyor assembly – public opinion. According to Japan’s leadership, people are not yet ready for such a radical design. But no matter what, in the Nissan sure handling PIVO 3 will impress many. Avtomobile driven with all four wheels, in each of which the electric motor is integrated. The driver of the Nissan PIVO 3 sits in the center, which provides excellent visibility and, combined with sensitive handling, electric car promises to be a real eye-opener. Incidentally, the turning radius of an electric vehicle is only 4 meters, while modern cars spend the maneuver more than 9-10 meters. The main innovation is the concept of the system Automated Valid Parking (AVP), which is able to find myself a place to park the car and put back without the driver. At the same time, PIVO 3 can independently leave the parking lot after receiving a signal from a special application installed on the smartphone owner. It is expected that the CD snaps onto the conveyor in 2016 or 2017, and in the same form in which it was presented at this Motor Show.

foto-pivo-3-concept_02-650x487 foto-pivo-3-concept_03-650x487 foto-pivo-3-concept_01-650x487

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