In late March, Nissan Murano crossover circulated videotizer 3 generations, and a few days before the world premiere of new items at the Auto Show in New York 2014 officially declassified car manufacturer. As expected, the new Nissan Murano (2016-2017) was the original design of the exterior, designed in the style concept Resonance, shown at the beginning of the 2013th at the motor show in Detroit. SUV got a stylish light engineering in the form of boomerangs, reissuance bumpers and grille, as well as an unusual window sill line with a bend in the region of the C-pillar and visually combined with the glass tailgate. In addition, the new Nissan Murano (2016-2017) boasts a spacious interior compared to the predecessor, and in interior decoration is now used more quality materials and modern multimedia technology.
The car received a completely new steering wheel and dashboard, a different front panel and other central console with a much reduced number of buttons on it. Control many features is now done using the large touch screen. Dimensions Nissan Murano 3 is not specified, but a prototype Resonance was somewhat of a compact crossover previous generation. Its length is 4840 mm (size of the wheelbase – 2880 mm), width – 1990, height – 1730. As the power unit for the Nissan Murano III invited the former 3.5-liter petrol “Six” power of 260 hp, combined in a pair with a CVT. At the base of the crossover has four-wheel drive, and the full is available as an option. At the Shanghai Motor Show in late April 2015, he debuted a hybrid variant of the new Murano, of the installation which consisted of a 2.5-liter “turbo” 20-horsepower electric motor, compact lithium-ion battery and a robotized transmission with two clutches. The same filling is set to Infiniti QX60 Hybrid.

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