Nissan introduced pickup Titan Warrior concept

At the Detroit Motor Show in 2016, the premiere of a concept pickup Nissan Titan Warrior, built on the basis of the production version of the model with double cabin Crew Cab.
Prototyping American experts engaged in the design bureau of Nissan, who said that trying to bring in the concept of the image of the ancient Greek warrior. They have adapted the car to drive off-road, as well as changed its exterior and interior trim.
Clearance Nissan Titan Warrior Concept is 2070 mm, which is 72 mm more than the standard version of the pickup. It managed to achieve this by modifying the car’s suspension and installation of the new off-road tires.
Nissan Titan Warrior received an impressive body kit, which includes off-road lights on the roof, carbon fiber spoilers, wheel arch extensions and special door sills, as well as front and rear bumpers. Headlights from the concept are shaped like a boomerang, and the rear lights are made in the shape of the letter “T”.
Inside the pickup on the front of a lot of new buttons responsible for the off-road capabilities of the car. In addition, experts Nissan built into the central console, special containers, which can be cooled or heated drinks.
Under the hood, Nissan Titan Warrior is a standard 5.0-liter V8 turbodiesel engine company Cummins. The engine develops 310 hp (752 Nm) and is mounted in a pair with a six-speed automatic Aisin.
Representatives of the company noted that the Warrior was created for the start of sales of second-generation Titan, first introduced to the public in January 2015, the first here in Detroit. In the US, you can buy a new pickup for the price from 40,290 to 60,520 dollars.

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