Nissan IDS Concept with a system of autonomous control

Nissan has presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 show car IDS, whose name is an acronym for Intelligent Drive System. This model represents electric vehicles fitted with an autonomous governance.
Externally Nissan IDS Concept in the style of the latest models of the manufacturer and the lattice V-motion, the effect of soaring roofs and sharp edges. The body of the prototype is made of carbon fiber and the wheels on narrow tires with a width of 175 mm are placed in the corners in order to increase the available space in the cabin.
The rear doors swing open against the move, but the interior meets the four individual seats and the front panel, which is designed as a large LCD display the full width of the machine. Driving an electric vehicle mode Manual Drive allowing the driver, while his actions are constantly monitoring a plurality of electronic assistants.
When changing mode Piloted Drive wheel, more precisely the wheel, is in the bowels of the front panel, changing interior lighting, chairs and a little turn to each other for the convenience of passengers to communicate. At the same time Nissan IDS completely independently moves on a given route, simulating the driving style of its owner.
According to the creators, this system of autonomous driving should appear on production models Nissan has already in 2020. But on a technical stuffing of the concept is virtually nothing is reported, except that the power of the electric motor is responsible for the battery pack with a capacity of 60 kWh.
This is exactly twice the capacity of the batteries that are used on the electric Nissan Leaf. The last mentioned is not just because IDS Concept, according to unofficial information, a second-generation prototype of the Leaf.

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