A year has passed since the last update Nissan GT-R supercar 2012 and the Japanese once again prepared a series of updates to the flagship model, the world debut of which took place in mid-November at the motor show in Tokyo. At this time, the company did not touch the exterior of GT-R, but thoroughly worked over its technical stuffing. For example, to optimize the intake and exhaust systems, the engineers were able to remove a 3.8-liter bi-turbo “six” extra 20 hp and 20 Nm.

Configuration and price Nissan GT-R R35 (2016).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Premium Edition (-AA) $101,400 3.8 petrol (540 hp) Automatic (6) full
Black Edition (AAA) $103,000 3.8 petrol (540 hp) Automatic (6) full
Premium Edition (-3A-A) $106,400 3.8 petrol (540 hp) Automatic (6) full
Premium Edition (-EA-A) $107,200 3.8 petrol (540 hp) Automatic (6) full

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Thus, the power of the engine in the Nissan GT-R R35 2012 model year increased from 530 to 550 hp (although previously promised to 570 forces), and peak torque of 627 Nm and is available in a range from 3200 to 5800 rev/min. From zero to hundreds Coupe accelerates in 2.8 seconds and its top speed of 315 km/h. In addition, an updated Nissan GT-R 35 was an upgraded powertrain and chassis, reinforced structure of the engine compartment, and the differential is now filled with racing oil. For the first time the car will be asymmetric suspension settings depending on the vehicles. It is worth noting the appearance on all versions of the supercar rear view camera, and buyers versions Premium Edition and EGOIST can order the installation of extra strong carbon-ceramic brakes.

Updated Nissan GT-R 2013.

In November 2012 at the motor show in Los Angeles, the Japanese automaker introduced an upgraded version of the GT-R 2013 model year supercar, which has received a number of technical improvements. Under the hood of the car was the same 550-horsepower (627 Nm) V6 engine displacement of 3.8 liters, but now it was equipped with new fuel injectors, a modified pressure relief valve naturally aspirated and special partition in the oil pan. In addition, an updated Nissan GTR R35 2013 received upgraded suspension with shock absorbers and migrated front stabilizer bar and coupe body rigidity has been increased by the amplifier under the instrument panel and the engine shield. The price of the new Nissan GT-R 2016 starts from $101,400 for the Premium Edition version, and for modification of the Black Edition are asked to $106,400. The top-end performance of the price of the model is $107,200.

Updated Nissan GT-R 2014.

The Japanese manufacturer continues to improve the Nissan GT-R (R35) – its next update of the modification made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2013. There is also presented the “charged” 600-horsepower version of the model from the Nismo company. So, Nissan GT-R 2014 model year acquired adaptive LED head optics, the LED tail lights, optional carbon fiber rear wing, which is mounted on the trunk lid made of carbon fiber (such weighs exactly half the size of a standard) and a new body color options Gold Flake Red Pearl. The car’s engine, this time did not touch, but the modernization of subjecting the suspension, brakes and steering. Engineers reconfigured the work of shock absorbers and modified the anti-roll bar, thus reducing noise and vibration. Also supercar putĀ in the new tires Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST STT dimension 255/40R20 front and 285/35R20 – rear. For interior decoration Nissan GT-R 2014 offered three options of color schemes, including one new ivory. The steering wheel got leather trim.

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