nissan-logo“Nissan Motor» (Nissan Jidosha Kk), the Japanese industrial corporation specializing in the production of cars, trucks and buses makes “Nissan» (Nissan) and “Datsun» (Datsun). Also produces sport boats, satellites and others. Headquartered in Tokyo. Company after the Asian crisis of 1998 has teamed up with “Renault”. The company was established in 1925 by the merger of two companies – Kwaishinsha Co. (founded in 1911 and produces cars “Dat”) and Jitsuo Jidosha Co. (founded in 1919) – and was called Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. Name Dat is an abbreviation of the first letters of the names of the three main patrons: Kenhiro Den (Kenjiro Den), Rokuro Aoyama (Rokuro Aoyama) and Meytaro Takeuchi (Meitaro Takeuchi). The official date of establishment of the company Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. It is December 26, 1933, when the company was founded the predecessor Jidosha Seizo Co., Ltd. President of the company was appointed Mr. Yoshisuke Aikawa (Yoshisuke Aikawa). June 1, 1934 the company name was changed to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. The first car was released in 1931. Nissanocar 1934 – an example of successful and cost-effective model. The first passenger car Datsun off the line Yokohama Plant in April 1935. In 1939, after successful market sales of cars Dat Nissan started to create large vehicles Nissan Type 70, Type 90 buses and Nissan vans Nissan Type 80. During the Second World War produced mainly trucks and other vehicles for military purposes. In 1945 the enterprises of the company were occupied, so output stopped for a long time (in fact, until 1955). In 1945, Nissan resumed production of trucks. Began research and development of textile machinery. In 1947 it was re-started production of passenger cars Datsun. Restoring its position after being forced stagnation since World War II, Nissan two years later signed an agreement on technical cooperation with Austin Motor Co., Ltd. (UK), one year after the release of the first conveyor Austin. In 1951, Nissan celebrated the birth Patrol – the first all-wheel drive SUV with a 6-cylinder engine. In August 1958, Nissan released the production line high-performance car Datsun Bluebird, designed for personal use. A notable feature of the Bluebird was the first time Japanese manufacturers use the front brakes with an amplifier, which allowed even fragile women inhibit light pressure on the pedal. The first generation Bluebird has embodied the traits of a reliable, attractive and durable car. In the 1960s, the company has made great strides and introduced to all markets, primarily in the US (models were created based on the American consumer). Sports Nissan Datsun 240 Z (1969), designed for sale in the United States, after adaptation to European markets has become market leader in its class. In 1960 we developed a new model – Nissan Cedric. Cedric – mid-size car – the result of tremendous efforts of the company. At that time, being the largest car in Japan among mid-size cars, the model offers a spacious interior and comfortable control, that was typical for large sedans. At the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo, Nissan Cedric was chosen car, which was transported Olympic Flame from Greece to Japan. In February 1965, he was released the car Skyline 2000GT-B. Despite the fact that the model is positioned as a sport, Skyline 2000GT-B became a massive car, ensuring higher sales. The popular model Skyline S54B won the Rally Japan and won all, without exception, tours, beating all the most well-known foreign analogues sports cars. Appeared on the market in 1966 heralded offensive Sunny car in Japan’s era of “your own car”, which marked a huge driving force in the background of rapid growth of the market of small cars. In 1966, Nissan has developed and released to the market Datsun Sunny 1000. As a compact class car (brand new at the time category), Sunny has become the most popular in the process of universal motorization of Japan. In 1966, Nissan absorbed the Prince Motor Co., Ltd., resulting in a range of Nissan models enriched with new Skyline and Gloria. Anticipating the advent of high-speed car model Gloria it was equipped with one of the most powerful engines of the time. The car also provides excellent ride comfort. In 1966, the car Nissan Prince R380 took third place in the Japanese Rally «Grand Prix», competing with the legendary Porsche 906. And in the same year Nissan Bluebird won its class in the fourteenth Safari Rally. For the first time I won a Japanese car. In 1967, the Japanese imperial family developed the first Prince Royal limousine with a V8 engine capacity of 6373 cm3; the length of the car is 6,155 mm, width – 2,100 mm, height – 1,770 mm. In January 1968 the company headquarters moved to a new building in the Ginza district of Tokyo. In the same year was released to market a new car Fairlady 2000, which helped Nissan’s gain popularity in the international market. In 1969 he appeared on the market dynamic rear-wheel drive car Datsun 240Z, recognized as the best-selling sports car in the world in the 70s. 500,000 cars Datsun 240Z have been sold in less than 10 years. In the early 1970s, Nissan was engaged in the development and production of missile engines and systems to run at the same time the company began to expand the manufacturing sector, and also took the production of engines for the shipbuilding industry. In 1971, Nissan developed the first pilot Safe Car Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESV), applying more than ever number of technologies to improve its security. The two energy crises 70s marked the beginning of the rapid growth of exports of small Japanese cars, known for its excellent fuel economy and excellent quality. In tests on fuel economy, conducted by the US Agency for Environmental Protection in 1973, she won a car Sunny, thereby finding great popularity in the US during the campaign «Datsun saves.” In 1974, it was announced the sale of 10,000 SUV Nissan Patrol for the year. In the late 1970s, the company established itself on the market for off-road vehicles. In 1981, Nissan started to promote their cars around the world under the brand name Nissan, which became part of the new corporate strategy. Then, in the 80th. Nissan established two strategic manufacturing bases overseas: in 1980 – Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA in the United States and in 1984 – Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited in the UK. The first Datsun truck rolled out of the plant Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA in June 1983, the first car Sentra (Sunny) – in March 1985. In 1983, the company Nissan Motor Iberica, SA started production of SUV Patrol (Safari), which in 1984 won the Rally Paris-Dakar. In 1986, Nissan has expanded its range of 4×4, adding a completely new model Nissan Terrano, thus responding to the growing needs of customers in the car for a family vacation, keeping this market position to this day. In 1987, Nissan has launched a car Be-1. In 1988, the car Nissan Silvia Q won the “Grand Prix for Best Design” and the following year he won the “Japanese Car 88-89 years.” In the same year, the Japanese market was released sedan Cima. In April 1989, the Dutch company was established Nissan Europe NV, a regional head office, responsible for operations in Europe, as well as the Nissan Distribution Service (Europe) BV In the same year in the United States was created division of Nissan, the company Infiniti Division of Nissan North America, producing luxury cars, compete with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. In November 1989, it appeared on the market famous model Infiniti Q45. In 1990 model 300ZX won the award in the US “Import Car of 1990”. In 1992, the company Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation, USA started production car Altima (Bluebird), and Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. began producing designed by famous Japanese designer Mr. Tokuishiro Hosaka (Tokuichiro Hosaka) car Nissan Micra (March), which immediately received the European award “Car of 1993”. March car won the award “Japanese Car of 1992-93.” And “New Car 1992-93.” In Japan. In 1993, Nissan Motor Iberica, SA has launched a new all-wheel drive model – SUV Terrano II for the European market. In 1994, Nissan received the prize «Global Environmental Award» for significant contribution in the protection of ecology and environment. In the same year in Europe were started selling the car Maxima QX new generation, and in 1995 – Car Almera. In 1997, Nissan has developed “Hybrid Electric Vehicles» (hybrid electric vehicle HEV), runs on both gasoline and electricity. Since 1997, Nissan released a model for the other fitted with petrol engines with direct fuel injection and diesel engines with direct injection (Presage in 1998). At that time, Nissan started selling cars Primera and Bluebird with a system Hyper CVT. In 1998, a new Patrol GR with 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine capacity of 2.8 liters. In 1999, at the Geneva Motor Show was presented a prototype of the new car Almera Tino, who in September 2002 went on sale on the European market. March 27, 1999, Nissan and France’s Renault SA signed an agreement to establish a global alliance to achieve profitable growth of both companies. Combined with the “Reno” is devoted to the concept car in 2000 Fusion, a popular version of Primera. Cars Cedric/Gloria received the award for “Best Car of 1999-2000”. The system «Extroid CVT» received the “Tehnologiya of 1999-2000.”. In the first quarter of 2000, Nissan released the vehicle Tino Hybrid and electric double Nypermini. In 2000, Nissan began selling ultra-small car EV Hypermini, as well as a car with ultra low emissions (SULEV) Sentra in California. In November 2000, the 1.8 liter engine QG18DE car Bluebird Sylphy was awarded “Technology of the Year”. In 2002, for the fourth time in 10 years Nissan has received the prestigious Red Dot award for high quality design from the German Design Center Nordrhein-Westfalen. This annual prize awarded by the new Nissan Primera in 1993, 1996 and 2002. In 2002, the company Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Corporation signed an agreement on strategic partnership in China. The new company was named Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. In March 2003, the new Nissan Micra was awarded “For the European Car Design 2003”. Subsidiaries “Nissan” is in Australia, Peru, Mexico, the United States and Germany.