Nissan brought in Tokyo concept for fans of social networks

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, Nissan introduced the concept to the public kei car Teatro for Dayz. His brainchild of Japanese experts is positioned as a vehicle for “Generation Z”, ie people who were born in the late ’90s and early 2000s.
Unusual kei car is a kind of mobile gadget on wheels, and certainly will appeal to all those who can not imagine his life without smartphones and social networks.
It is known that the Nissan Teatro concept for Dayz received electric stuffing, but the Japanese do not hurry to reveal its characteristics, but happy to talk about other features of the car. So, on the bumpers and doors kei car mounted LED display, which displays information about the state of charge of the battery.
Inside, a prototype set of color displays. They are mounted on the door panels, front console and seats.Using a smartphone or any other mobile gadget can display a variety of information (for example, display a photo page, or social networks).
Note that at the Shanghai Motor Show in the spring of the 2013th company Nissan introduced the concept of Friend-Me, the functionality of which is also tied to electronic communication. Thus, all four seats of this prototype interconnected social network, allowing passengers to communicate with each other music and photos, as well as to learn about the current speed of the car, its route and fuel consumption.

foto-teatro_03 foto-teatro_02 foto-teatro_01

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