Nissan brought to Detroit futuristic Xmotion crossover

The concepts of Nissan in recent years are encouraging the public with a bold and catchy design, and the Xmotion all-terrain vehicle presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018 is just one of them. According to the representatives of the brand, this model is designed to demonstrate the design of future crossovers of the company, and if the current Nissan mass production models have smoothed and rounded forms, then the Xmotion Concept represents a real riot of angular surfaces. The car received a brutal front bumper, boomerangs of LED headlights and a massive V-shaped radiator grille consisting of eight horizontal carbon strips. Finish the image of the huge wheels with aggressive design of the discs. As a result, the Nissan Xmotion Concept looks like a vehicle from the apocalyptic future. The interior of the prototype received a futuristic design, but inside you can see a whole series of decorative elements made of wood (cedar). The saloon has a unique landing formula with three rows of seats, which can accommodate up to 6 people, with a completely wooden center console running through the entire length of the cabin. The front panel consists entirely of displays. In the center, there are three large touchscreens, and on the sides, there are two smaller ones. Upstairs, instead of the salon mirror, another display is installed. The last (seventh) monitor is located on the center console. Let’s notice, that the traditional steering wheel does not have a car, but there is a stylish steering wheel. In this case, you can interact with monitors either with the help of gestures or with the help of the eye tracking system. The effectiveness of the latter is still in question, although in Nissan and emphasize that it does not distract from the ride. Plus, the company has provided for the possibility of authenticating the driver with the help of the fingerprint recognition system, and additional help on the road is designed to provide a virtual assistant. The latter is a digital Koi carp that “jumps” from the screen to the screen, while when the ProPilot autopilot is activated, the helper remains on the main display, assisting in navigation. Any information on the technical stuffing of the Nissan Xmotion Concept was not provided, but it is known that the crossover is equipped with intelligent all-wheel-drive system Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive.

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