The winner of the qualification before the Chinese Grand Prix – the third stage of the championship of Formula 1 2012 season turned out to Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, who won the pole for the first in its history. And its result Nico showed the first try, but for a few minutes before the end of the session he had already left the cockpit. This showed the second time Hamilton fell behind Rosberg again for half a second. That’s just to start tomorrow McLaren driver will only seventh, as earlier the British car was made ​​the change of the transmission. Thus, the second starting position shifted author of the third result, but it turned out to be Michael Schumacher. This, in turn, his best result in qualifying after his return to Formula 1. Sauber team continues to amaze. In support of a high second place Sergio Perez at the last Grand Prix of Malaysia, both pilots of the Swiss team through to the final segment. At the same time it showed the fourth and eighth places. Kamui Kobayashi only this time in front of Sergio. Kimi Raikkonen qualified fifth, while his team mate Romain Grosjean, for whatever reasons, did not leave the boxes, so that will start tomorrow tenth. It is worth noting that the Frenchman in the final of the second segment knocked out dozens of Sebatyana Vettel, who, in turn, proved to be fast enough to counterattack. Author of the best time of the second segment – Mark Webber in the final there was only seventh, behind Jenson Button (6th place). Fernando Alonso showed the eighth result. Felipe Massa (12th place) will be tomorrow, the company Sebastian on the sixth row of the grid.