Nico Rosberg won the Mexican Grand Prix 2015

Nico Rosberg finally after starting from pole position was able to sell it to the victory, winning the Grand Prix of Mexico in 2015, which returned to the calendar of Formula 1 after 23-year break. But Lewis Hamilton during the race held in the vicinity of a partner, but he was unable to get around, left the second. However, it is for Lewis does not really matter, as in the previous United States Grand Prix, he designed the early title in the standings and is now completely relaxed. But Rosberg’s victory allowed him to regain second place in the championship table, ahead of Sebastian Vettel. For the last race in Mexico has not worked since its launch. First Seb passed forward Daniil Kvyat started the fourth, and when the front reached even Ricardo, then Vettel so rigidly defended, between Ferrari and Red Bull made contact, which led to a puncture on the German car. As a result, Sebastian fell back at the end of the peloton became much risk to recoup and then twice made a mistake in the same turn. And if the first time it was over just a turn and lost positions, then a second time to avoid contact with the wall failed. This is particularly unfortunate in the background gathering of Kimi Raikkonen, who has clashed with Walter Bottas. As in the race in Sochi two Finns did not share the road, but this time the pilot of Williams, as if in revenge, he brought Kimi out of the competition but at the same time also was not punished by the judges. So the race for Ferrari in Mexico ended in a double gathering. The accident Vettel was the cause of the safety car. Felipe Massa (6th) in the potentially faster car ahead of Dan failed, and the seventh and eighth checkered flag saw representatives of Force India – Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez, respectively. The Mexican did not change the tire under the safety car, being in a potentially risky situation at the finish. Yet the position because he did not lose – left behind as a Verstappen (9th place) and Grosjean (10th place). What about the Mexican Grand Prix? In general, the race was a success, although the fight and overtaking was not much. Well, the next race will be held in two weeks – it will be the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2015.


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