Nico Rosberg won the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2014

Starting from pole position, Nico Rosberg managed to win the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2014, although Lewis Hamilton for almost the entire race was in the vicinity. But before the second pit stop the British deployed, so that if it were not for this mistake, it is possible that Lewis could turn out in front. Now between the two leaders on 17 points in the standings, and the fate of the title will be decided at the final race in Abu Dhabi in two weeks, where points will be awarded double. By the way, even if Lewis wins in Brazil, and Nico fizzled out, the difference between them would have been 49 points, which anyway would have been not enough to win the title early. But the third stands in front of home finished Felipe Massa, who made it despite a five-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane, as well as a random check to the mechanics of McLaren. But Walter was walking fourth Bottas due hitch at the pit stop and dropped back at the finish line was only tenth. Great race held in Brazil Jenson Button. Starting fifth, McLaren driver throughout the race was able to maintain a high pace that allowed him to finish the race in fourth place, having on its course several beautiful duel with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Vettel proved himself to finish fifth, and in a bitter struggle Alonso wins sixth place from his team-mate Kimi (7th place). Eighth and ninth finished Nico and Kevin Magnussen, respectively. Then he refused to back again rises, but in the final stretch ahead of Bottas Dani failed. Well ahead of us final – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014 will be held in two weeks.


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