Nico Rosberg wins dramatic British Grand Prix in 2013

Incredibly interesting has turned the British Grand Prix in 2013, not least because of the rather dramatic events that unfolded on the track. From the start, Lewis Hamilton kept the lead, Rosberg fell back from second to third place, while magnificent breakthrough was marked by Felipe Massa, playing several positions stasis. At the same partner for the Brazilian Scuderia Ferrari Fernando Alonso lost one position, while Mark Webber is traditionally rolled back and even damaged the car of Grosjean front wing. Starting fourth, after the couple turns the Aussie proved to be only the fifteenth. But then it began something unimaginable. On the eighth lap from Hamilton in the lead on the line explodes rear left wheel. Until almost the whole range of boxes, so Lewis is in the tail of the field. After only two laps the same happens in Felipe Massa, who fought at the time of high fifth place (at the start of the 11th). But this problem does not end with the tires. Selected for the first segment of a hard rubber compound Jean Eric at Toro Rosso maximum pushes his first pit stop, thus rose from the middle of the second ten in the first, but also on his car failed the same left rear. After the incident on the track the safety car was released, and many rushed to the marshals to clear the track from the rubber scraps and debris that could cause explosions tires. After disengagement Lewis, a leader Sebastian Vettel came out. And everything is going to ensure that Sebastian will win the race, and even more will come off in the championship. But sooner or later we have to face the problems, even the luckiest. About ten laps to go on the car Red Bull Seb refuses box – goes the distance. The leaders out Rosberg, Raikkonen second and third place for most of the race held at Adrian Force India. However, Vettel’s car parked in the wrong place and at the track reappears Safety Car. Many rush to the pits, but Fernando Alonso is literally just that there has been, because of what is rolled back to eighth place. Kimi swears by radio engineer and angry, why he did not call for fresh rubber. In the case of Raikkonen, the Finn could take himself as he is called one of the possible candidates for Webber in the Red Bull. After the restart to finish the remaining seven laps, and riders on worn tires begin to experience problems. And what – another burst tire, this one is injured Sergio Perez. Kimi loses pace and skip forward one rider after another. The same applies to Sutil. In the end, made his way to second place none other than Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso beat out the third position, and behind him placed Lewis Hamilton. So they all finished, and the second victory of the season and third of his career won Nico Rosberg. Kimi Raikkonen resist fifth, Felipe Massa got to finish sixth, Sutil crossed the line seventh, Daniel Riccardo finished eighth, closed the top ten and Paul di Resta (9th place) and Nico (10th place). The next race will take place just a week – it will be the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring circuit.


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