Nico Rosberg for the third time in a row won the Monaco GP

Incredible was the ending of the Monaco Grand Prix in 2015, which once again proved that anything can happen in racing. At first everything went as usual – Lewis Hamilton confidently in the lead, followed by Rosberg was and remained the third Sebastian Vettel. The most interesting thing started closer to the finish, and the instigator of all turned out to be Max Verstappen. At first, the young Dutchman, who lost the lap leaders, very well joined up for the machine Vettel – so much so tightly that when Sebastian overtook circular, together with it its direct competitors on the track rounds and Verstappen. So, first Max left behind team-mate Carlos Sainz, and then managed to crank out a similar maneuver with more experienced Walter Bottas. The next step was listed Romain Grosjean, who was walking at the time the tenth. However, the Frenchman warned on the radio about a cunning pilot Toro Rosso, with the result that Roman was able to make it Vettel passed, and Max is left behind. But Verstappen, apparently so carried away that at some point decided not to brake for the first corner and caught Lotus Grosjean. He thus cut off from the wheel flew straight into the protective barrier of tires, which in a moment stopped flying for about two hundred kilometers per hour the car. Fortunately, Max, however, remains intact. At first, the incident has led to the emergence of a virtual machine security, and then went on the road and quite a real a safety car. And then the strangest thing happened. Lead with an 18-second advantage Hamilton for some reason zazvali into the pits for new tires. Apparently, the team felt that this separation will be enough to stay ahead of the leader, but they miscalculated a little bit – at the exit from the pits Lewis passed forward, not only Nico, but also of Sebastian Vettel. After the restart to finish was only eight laps, but overtaking in Monaco is so hard that Lewis, despite all the desperate attempts, and was third. In fact, the Mercedes gave his charge to another victory in the face of Nico, for which she was the third in a row in the Principality. I was happy at the finish and Vettel, Hamilton is expected but turned out to be very upset and depressed. At the same time Mercedes admitted their mistake. But that’s not all. Not only is Lewis put fresh tires under the safety car – as he entered and Daniel Riccardo, who, though quite rude – to the contact, but was able to regain the fifth place, ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Ahead was Danja, whose team mate asked to skip the wording that he is another tactic. In response to the comments received that Daniel needs to focus on flying and all other issues will be resolved without it. As far as Ricardo then he quickly ran into Hamilton, who put pressure Vettel – Australian around them, of course, failed. Thus, both Red Bull Racing team spirit shown today, and the team decided to do everything to be honest. During his speech, there Vettel and Webber have imagined that by the pilots would be simply impossible. The first points for McLaren-Honda this season earned Jenson Button (8th place), ninth saw the checkered flag is not particularly shone on the weekend Sauber driver Felipe Nasr, and closed the top ten Carlos Sainz. The race in Monaco this time was a success, and in two weeks we are waiting for more exciting Canadian Grand Prix, where almost certainly never boring. We hope this rule will work this time.


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