The network has photos McLaren 688 High Sport coupe

McLaren Company has produced the most extreme modification of its 650S supercar. Photo novelty, dubbed 688 High Sport, have been published on the forum McLaren Life. Taking the 675LT version McLaren experts facilitated design of the car, reducing the weight of the supercar up to 1 190 kg (- 40 kg). The supercar also received upgraded aerodynamic body kit, which includes the air intakes in the front wheel arches, roof spoiler and active rear wing. Note that the latter can be used as an air brake. The movement of McLaren 688 High Sport brings an upgraded 3.8-liter V8 engine with two turbines. The power unit makes 688 hp, which is 12 “horses” more than the 675LT. The dynamic characteristics of the model are not yet known. Recall that McLaren 675LT transfer any the first hundred after 2.9 seconds from the start, and its maximum speed can reach 330 km/h. Total will be built only 25 copies McLaren 688 High Sport coupe, and information about the price of it is not.

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