Multifunctional electric car Rinspeed Oasis Concept

In January, 2017 in Las Vegas, CES will host an exhibition of consumer electronics, in which the Swiss company Rinspeed will present electric concept Oasis. The model is a compact car equipped with an autopilot and has special compartments in which to grow plants.
The steering wheel prototype developed by specialists of the German company ZF. When you activate the autopilot steering wheel can be folded, turning it into a desktop keyboard. But the concept of frontal glass can be used as a large projection display, information on which is displayed by the holographic laser projector.
Rinspeed Oasis Concept is equipped with a special electronic assistant connected to the “cloud.”With it, the driver and passengers can book a table at the restaurant or take a picture by using one of the in-car cameras, and then the image will be put in Instagram. For the music here meets 20-channel audio system Harman/Kardon.
Swiss specialists placed in the rear compartment of the multifunctional Oasis, which is equipped with heating and cooling, which makes it suitable for transporting the products (for example, pizza delivery). In addition, the compartment can be used as a conventional trunk, and for the installation of additional batteries, allowing to increase the cruising range electric vehicle.

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Manage all functions of the concept is possible by means of a curved 5k-screen that supports gesture recognition and voice commands. In addition, Rinspeed’s Oasis is equipped with circular view, the technology of “dialogue” with other vehicles and infrastructure, as well as the hazard warning function on a route. In addition, the prototype “can” find yourself a place to park, and then back to the driver.
Rinspeed representatives believe that the high functionality makes the concept of the ideal machine for Oasis. So, during the day a driver can use the electric car to travel from home to work and back, and the other – to deliver a pizza or purchases made in shops.

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