In the morning Red Bull held a presentation of the new RB7

This morning, the team Red Bull unveiled its new car in Valencia RB7, which, according to the designer Adrian Newey, was the evolution of the previous two chassis and optimized for Technical Regulations, 2011. Like most new cars of other teams, the hallmark of Red Bull RB7 became a high nose cone, as well as some form of the rear wing and engine cover. The team’s goal for the coming season – to defend the won last year’s title in both championships championship. Since Red Bull in the last season before the last race fighting for the title, then the development of the new car the team had very little time. For example, Mercedes, former team Brawn GP, such an approach can lead to in the new year. Most of the top teams this season, kept their pilot’s basic composition, is no exception and Red Bull, who will continue to speak for Mark Webber and the newly 23-year-old champion Sebastian Vettel. Both drivers are incredibly motivated to fight, let’s see how to show itself in testing the new RB7 car on the background of rivals, many of whom had more time to develop a new machine. First behind the wheel to sit tests in Valencia Vettel.

red-bull-rb7_01 red-bull-rb7_02 red-bull-rb7_03

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