Mopar will bring to Detroit two-tuning operation

Detroit Auto Show in 2011, two new projects – modified hatchback Fiat 500 and Chrysler 200 new sedan. Tuners painted  black, adding a body along a pair of blue stripes, put the car on the black alloy wheels and generous exterior ennobled various chrome accessories including mirrors, door handles, and the gas tank hatch paturbki exhaust system. The interior of the Fiat 500 tuning Mopar boasts black leather upholstery with blue accents, carboxylic finish, and 500 logos on the door sills. As for the sedan Chrysler 200, the tuners have prepared for it decreased by 3 inches suspension, a new grille in fine mesh, front and rear spoilers, 19-inch alloy wheels, two-tone color and body.

mopar-fiat-500_01-650x390 mopar-fiat-500_02-650x390 mopar-chrysler-200-650x420

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