Mobil Super 2,000 X1 10W-40 part synthetic motor oil

Semi-synthetic motor oil features advanced level for passenger cars.

Product Description.
Mobil Super 2,000 X1 10W-40 – a semi-synthetic engine oil that provides a longer service life of the engine and protection against sludge deposits and wear.

Features and Benefits.
Products family Mobil Super 2000 is already well established on the market as a reliable motor oils, the use of which improves the performance characteristics of automobiles. Mobil Super 2000 X1 10W-40 provides:

  • Improved protection against deposits and sludge
  • Good engine cleanliness
  • Protection at elevated temperatures
  • Reliable protection against wear
  • Good lubrication at cold start

Mobil Super 2000 products are designed to provide an additional level of protection compared with mineral oils. ExxonMobil recommends Mobil Super 2 000 X1 10W-40, when from time to time arise hindered driving conditions, to:

  • Motors earlier developments and constructions
  • Gasoline and diesel engines without diesel particulate filters (DPF)
  • In passenger cars, SUVs, light-duty trucks and vans
  • When driving in suburban and urban environments
  • Motors with increased performance
  • Under normal operating conditions and when driving with overloads

Always refer to the manual of your vehicle manual for proper selection of oil viscosity grade and level properties.

Specifications and Approvals.

Mobil Super 2000 X1 exceeds the following requirements or correspond to them: 10W-40
AAE (STO 003) Group B5 X
Mobil Super 2000 X1 has the following approvals for use: 10W-40
MB-Approval 229.1 X
VW 501 01/505 00 X
ExxonMobil recommends Mobil Super 2000 X1 where required: 10W-40


Mobil Super 2000 X1
viscosity class 10W-40
cSt at 40 ° C 97
cSt at 100 ° C 14.4
Sulfate ash% wt., ASTM D874 0.91
phosphorus content 0.144
Flash point, ° C, ASTM D92 230
Density at 15 ° C, kg/l, ASTM D 4052 0.87
Pour Point, ° C, ASTM D97 -thirty

1500x1500-Mobil Super 2000 X1 10W-40

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