Mitsubishi has prepared for Tokyo Electric SUV eX

Mitsubishi has presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 concept electric SUV called eX, which aims to demonstrate the look of the upcoming ASX crossover second generation.
Mitsubishi eX Concept Design made in the new corporate style Dynamic Shield. Note that the first production model in this style are redesigned Outlander and SUV Pajero Sport 3.
In the prototype Mitsubishi eX sloping roof line, opening against the direction of movement of the rear doors, as well as diode lighting. Saloon car, even though it looks a bit futuristic, fully functional and is designed for four people. Not without its autonomous control system, which proved to be equipped with many concepts from among the motor show in Tokyo 2015.
The movement of Mitsubishi eX lead two electric motors (one for each axis) with a capacity of 95 hp, and is responsible for their food package lithium-ion battery capacity of 40 kWh, under the floor. According to the manufacturer, the concept of power reserve when fully charged batteries up to 400 km. Information about the timing of the emergence of a new generation of series ASX yet.

foto-ex-concept_03 foto-ex-concept_02 foto-ex-concept_01

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