The Mitsubishi company this year wants to sell in the  market about 40 thousand cars, having increased this indicator by one and a half times in comparison with the last year. The Japanese lineup in our market is very limited, so marketers “maneuver” in order to attract new customers.

So it is quite logical that Mitsubishi Outlander, and this is the most popular model of the company in the market, acquired new front-wheel-drive trim levels. They are cheaper than all-wheel drive, and many do not need a drive on all wheels, in the city they have a spacious cabin and a large ride height.

Previously, the front-wheel drive was only a basic version of Inform, absolutely “empty” for options and therefore not in demand. Now more affordable options are offered for versions of Invite and Intense +, they are 110 and 90 thousand rubles more affordable than all-wheel drive. Both front-wheel-drive versions have a 2-liter engine (146 hp) and a variator.

Mitsubishi hopes to significantly increase sales Outlander thanks to new versions: today, most buyers choose this crossover with a 2-liter engine, and the opportunity to save should attract new customers.