Mitsubishi Outlander 3 -generation Crossover debuted in the spring of 2012, and in May of 2014 on sale there was a redesigned version, which apparently has remained virtually the same as the source.
But at the New York International Auto Show 2015 debut of the new Mitsubishi Outlander 2016 a new body, which finally got a more aggressive front end design, to whom at one time sported the Outlander XL.

Configuration and price Mitsubishi Outlander 2017

Equipment Price Engine transmission Drive
2.0 Inform 2WD CVT $24,400 2.0 petrol (145 hp) variable speed drive front
2.0 Invite 4WD CVT $27,200 2.0 petrol (145 hp) variable speed drive full
2.0 Intense 4WD CVT $28,500 2.0 petrol (145 hp) variable speed drive full
2.0 Instyle 4WD CVT $30,400 2.0 petrol (145 hp) variable speed drive full
2.4 Instyle 4WD CVT $32,200 2.4 petrol (167 hp) variable speed drive full
2.4 Ultimate 4WD CVT $34,400 2.4 petrol (167 hp) variable speed drive full
3.0 GT 4WD AT $37,600 3.0 petrol (227 hp) Machine (6) full

But if CL had the so-called lattice “Jet Fighter”, then the Mitsubishi Outlander (2016-2017) in the new bodywork developed by our own design, called Dynamic Shield ( “Dynamic Shield”).
In fact, the appearance of the new Mitsubishi Outlander 2017 after restyling it was possible to estimate in the fall of 2014, when the exhibition in Paris, the Japanese presented a prototype of the PHEV Concept S. But serial machine differs from it Resigning bumpers, different tail lights, as well as more simple foglights and design wheels.
At the expense of other bumpers crossover turned slightly longer and wider than the pre-reform machines. Overall length Mitsubishi Outlender 3 now is 4693 mm (+ 38), the width – 1811 (+ 11), but the height (1680) and the size of the wheelbase (2670) while remained unchanged.
The interior of the new Mitsubishi Outlander 2017 seriously changed – it was limited to an upgraded steering wheel, a seat upholstery, new decorative elements in the decoration and will be equipping Autoblacked rearview mirror.
It is more important that the manufacturer has worked hard to improve sound insulation, replace door seals, improving the insulation of the engine compartment, and install new sound insulation windshield and rear glass. Overall, more than hundreds of different improvements have been made in vehicle design.
As part of the technology is important to note migrated suspension and steering, which, coupled with the increased body rigidity, provide improved manageability. for car engines have remained the same – a petrol units of 2.0 (145 hp) and 2.4 (167 hp) liter and 227 horsepower V6 volume of 3.0 liters.
Masthead option combines mated to a 6-band gun, and the other two put stepless variator new generation Jatco. The basic version of the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 has a version with both front and all-wheel drive, while all the rest are only 4WD. Also in the lineup has remained the hybrid modification of the PHEV, but its delivery to the first autumn 2016 we were collapsed due to low demand.
Compared with the pre-reform machine, the new Mitsubishi Outlander 2017 has risen in price by an average of $135, but then the price lists a few more times corresponded upwards. Now the price of the basic version of the crossover with the initial motor and front-wheel drive is $24,400, and for the car with a full drive asking for a minimum of $27,200.
Price Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 starts with a mark of $32,200, and the most powerful Outlander 3.0 has been around $37,600. Extra charge for any color of the body, other than the standard white – it is plus $230. Note that the machine 2017 model year received LED foglights, a staff parking sensors along with a tracking system for the “blind” zones and an assistant at the exit of the parking lot in reverse, as well as all-sky cameras and new multimedia Mitsubishi Connect.