In early August 2016, Mitsubishi introduced the first image of the seven-seater XM concept SUV. The model is made with the style of the prototype eX, which was shown to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. From the latest new Mitsubishi XM is not only the shape and length of the body, but also the location of doors. But the front of the car Japanese specialists almost completely copied from the source code, changing only the decorative elements of the bumper. Official information on a technical stuffing of the concept yet. According to rumors, resulting in the movement of the crossover electric propulsion system from all of the same Mitsubishi eX, with a power reserve of seven-seater off-road vehicle reaches 400 km. The car has received the autopilot and many modern electronic assistants. In addition, Japanese experts of the company refused to use conventional side mirrors, replacing them with video cameras. World premiere of Mitsubishi XM Concept will be held August 11 in the framework of the motor show in Indonesia.

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