MINI Company declassified Rocketman Concept 2016

The company unveiled the new MINI concept car Rocketman, which will be submitted to the general public in a week in early March at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The new MINI Rocketman concept should be the most compact and economical car in modern car line Mini. Its creators were inspired by the classic cars that appeared in the distant 1959.
By its dimensions Rocketman really compact: its length is only 3419 mm, width – 1907 mm, and height – 1398 mm. For comparison, the length of the modern MINI Cooper is 3723 mm. Outside of the concept has been very unusual: a glass roof, where halogen lamps displayed image of the British flag, “goggle-eyed” headlights, larger 18-inch wheels, karbnovye insert unusually open doors and trunk with the sliding bottom.
Inside MINI Rocketman has a landing formula 3+1 and sufficiently rich features: leather upholstery with Alcantara inserts, and carbon fiber-optic lights. About the power plant concept for the details are still unknown, it is known only that the car it will spend only three liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. More details coming soon.


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