At MIAS 2016 introduced the Lada XCODE concept

AvtoVAZ has brought on MIAS 2016 just six concepts, but the most striking of these is the Lada XCODE Concept, an interest in which is heated during the week before the opening of the exhibition. Physical prototype Lada Togliatti X code managed to keep secret until the opening of the showroom. The design is made in the current corporate X-shaped style, designed by Steve Mattin. Overall, the exterior resembles a Lada XCODE XRAY Cross Concept, but in a more bold interpretation. It established huge wheels of unusual design and aggressive bumper, stylish lighting and rear door handles are hidden in the racks. According to the dimensions of the concept a little more compact X Ray – its length is comparable to the Kalina. The technical concept SUV involves the installation of a car wheel drive system and turbo. Also for the use of the model worked out promising telematics platform LADA Connect for individual systems management capabilities car remotely via a smartphone app. On the possible timing of the appearance of the production version of the Lada X code is not reported, although earlier it was rumored that this machine may appear in the lineup as early as 2018. In reality, to this date to prepare the car for production can hardly succeed.

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