Mexicans have decided to take off with the bat. Not bothering to organize their own civil automotive industry, “amigos” undertook the construction of a sports car. A pioneer in the area was the company Daniel Mastretty, which bears the name of its creator.
Prior to the introduction of the MXT, Mastretta company engaged in the creation of a whale only cars, but released sportcar is a completely full car. The coupe has laid down the basis of a light aluminum chassis of its own design. Given the low weight and small wheelbase, it is expected that the handling MXT will be on top. Novelty can be seen live at the Motor Show in Los Angeles 2011.
As the main driving force of Mexicans chose a 2.0-liter supercharged Ford engine family Duratec. With the new management, the power unit develops 250 hp and 339 Nm of torque, which provides a model Mastretta MTX acceleration from zero to hundred in 4.9 seconds.
Sports car can be said already now by contacting company representatives. It is expected that all will be collected only 150 copies that will be distributed throughout North America and Europe. The initial cost of the car is 60,000 dollars.

foto-mastretta-mxt_02-650x432 foto-mastretta-mxt_03-650x432 foto-mastretta-mxt_01-650x432