Tuners of the new British Merdad company decided to loudly declare itself, making a full-size Porsche Cayenne crossover new generation in the three-door coupe. The car, named Merdad Cayenne 902 Coupe, will be displayed at the motor show MPH The Prestige & Performance, which will be held in London (November 4-7) and Birmingham (11-14 November). Although a young company founder Merdad previously worked in the famous Gemballa studio, which specialized in fine-tuning Porsche cars. According to the head, above the current draft worked very experienced engineers, the potential of which should not hesitate. The three-door Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe has received a stylish aerodynamic body kit and upgraded interior. But major changes are hidden under the hood. Experts Merdad prepared two versions of the crossover: 550 750-strong and strong with the last of which is able to recruit hundreds of Cayenne from a place in just 4.4 seconds. Details of the technical tricks and more complete characterization of the crossover will be announced as part of the British Motor Show.

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