Mercedes SLS Gullstream from FAB Design studio

About APR’s version of the Mercedes-AMG GT supercar from FAB Design studio we have told many times, but only now made available the final official data about the project, accompanied by a few new photos. Its main element is, of course, a stunning body kit – one of the best that is available for this car. These improvements have reduced the acceleration time from zero to hundreds of “charged” Mercedes SLS Gullstream to 3.6 seconds, a mark of 200 km/h the car travels in 11 seconds flat and a top speed of 325 km/h.

fab-sls-gullstream_03fab-sls-gullstream_02fab-sls-gullstream_01fab-sls-gullstream_05fab-sls-gullstream_04fab-sls-gullstream_09fab-sls-gullstream_07fab-sls-gullstream_08-650x433 fab-sls-gullstream_06-650x433

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