Mercedes SLS AMG from Prior Design tuning company

A couple of months ago, we were given a sneak look at the new version of the Mercedes SLS AMG (Mercedes-AMG GT) from the Prior Design tuning company, but we really liked it. As it turned out, such a sweeping fuselage can become a very attractive target for hundreds of enthusiastic and curious eyes. He called aerodynamic PD900GTWB, and because of this, “clothes” SLS was beginning to look like a car Suction that fuel does not feed them, and let drive a hundred or two laps on any GT3-track. The kit includes a reworking of the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, extended wheel arches and stern retouched hood and trunk perched on a wing. Looking at this set already and Mercedes-AMG GT begins to feel easy and not very attacks of envy. But this basic configuration. For a fee of 24 900 euros you can buy more “buns” – wheels Rotiform SNA (20×9 and 21×11), adjustable shock absorbers KW, lowering the car by 35 mm, and a reworked exhaust system increases the return on the 40 liters. from. A Dorval to engine chip tuners have added “Mad Mercier” another 30 “horses” and 40 Nm of torque. Since standard SLS already included in the category of “three-second” (i.e. vehicle whose acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is 3.0 to 4.0 seconds, he does so SLS 3.7 sec) to gain power by Prior Design is unlikely to greatly affect this figure. But as for acceleration to 200 km/h, there is pumped and chipovanny SLS can easily outdo its source to 11.2.

foto-sls-prior_01-650x433 foto-sls-prior_02-650x433 foto-sls-prior_03-650x433

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