Mercedes E63 AMG aerodynamics kits received from the RENNtech company

Florida RENNtech tuning studio has developed a program for the completion of the “charged” the Mercedes E63 AMG W212, available for both sedan and wagon to.
Tuners offer to equip the car with a carbon fiber front splitter and air ducts integrated rear spoiler (sedan), which will cost $1,480, or a spoiler on the trunk (for versatile). the latter cost is $1,640.
For the versatile Mercedes E63 AMG Estate is also offered with integrated carbon diffuser ceramic tailpipes, designed specifically for use at high temperatures. Their installation will cost another 3 additional $380.
Does the engine improvements were made in the press release RENNtech did not elaborate. Recall that the standard version of the E63 AMG develops 557 hp and 700 Nm of torque.

foto-e63-renntech_02 foto-e63-renntech_01 foto-e63-renntech_03

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