Mercedes C63 AMG Full Force by Wimmer RS ​​studio

Tuners from Wimmer RS studio returned to the Mercedes C63 AMG. Their latest package for this model was known as Level 3, it increases the engine returns to 580 hp and top speed with him was 305 km/h. But now there is a more powerful version of the package, which was called Full Force. It includes a new sports camshaft, a modified cylinder block, a new intake and increased kolelktor sports air filter. All this, coupled with include Darlington exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel, it has allowed engineers from Wimmer RS maximize the value of 6.3-liter V8 to an impressive 601 hp 720 Nm and a peak torque which is 144 hp and 120 Nm is greater than the standard version. Despite the fact that the exact dynamic characteristics C63 AMG Full Force are not called in the company declare that the maximum rate “charged” sedan increased to 329 km/h. The cost of such improvements will cost customers 19 900 euros, and for an additional 3 600 euros per car tuners establish a sports suspension.

c63-amg-full-force_02-650x433 c63-amg-full-force_03-650x433 c63-amg-full-force_01-650x433

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